I have change the Theme, looks good don’t u think! 😀



The codes should help now


I have seen some comments that say some dont work.  Well


On some cpps some might not work bcuz theses are the commands !, :, /

You have to put the command in front then u write the clothes or join room or something after the command

then u do a space and write the number for e.g. !ai 7 or !add 7


Sorry i will be update it and changing to help u


Jarrah (Owner)





Hello, all.

Once again, iCPPS has released! iCPPS was a successful CPPS back in January, so hopefully all of its publicity will be brought back with you all knowing about it’s cool new and better features!

You can now unlock special items as you would normally unlock treasure book items on Club Penguin. Although the items aren’t treasure book items, they are special items that are up for earning; such as the beta hat, etc.



You may receive the beta hat for FREE. Just enter in the code: “65623251FDSF” and you’ll receive the beta hat + 500000 coins!


  • custom staff ranks
  • hashed passwords
  • working stamps, igloos, and furniture.

So join iCPPS today!


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Hello World

This Website Is Cpps Help And I’m New To My Website.

I Will Be Added Some New Cpps To My Home Page.  I Hope This Cpps Helps You And I Hope You Have A Good Time